Cogent’s core innovation is Ionic Gasification — the direct-contact processing of waste feedstocks inside an electrically active plasma field at temperatures of 3,000℃-10,000℃, where long-chain hydrocarbon molecules are vaporized and water is separated into very high-energy hydrogen and oxygen radicals.

The very fast reaction of vaporized carbon with these high-energy hydrogen (H·) and oxygen (O·) radicals, rather than simply with hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH) ions, results in simple molecules of H2, CO and CO2. With virtually undetectable levels of methane, no molecules with longer-chain hydrocarbons, and no cyclic hydrocarbons formed, the resulting high-energy syngas is extremely clean.

This process is fundamentally different than other gasification and plasma-related systems that use indirect heating processes at much lower temperatures, resulting in incomplete conversion and problems with impurities.