The Cogent Energy Systems team is committed to deliver game-changing technology to deal with waste accumulation and clean energy development. Our scientific, technological and management talents are being applied to bring previously unrealized small scale waste processing to the rapidly-expanding distributed energy network.

Abraham Haspel, Ph.D. — CEO

Dr. Haspel is the founder and president of Cogent Analysis Group, an energy and environment consulting firm founded in 2008. Previously, Dr. Haspel spent more than 30 years as a decorated senior executive at the US Department of Energy – where he was Deputy Assistant Secretary and Chief Operating Officer for the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, successfully managing an organization with more than 500 employees and a budget of more than $1 billion – and the US Department of the Interior – where he was the Assistant Deputy Secretary. While at the Department of Energy, Dr. Haspel was also one of the lead U.S. negotiators between 1993 and 2000 at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, including the negotiations that led to carbon trading and the Clean Development Mechanism provisions of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. He chaired the OECD’s Clean Technology Initiative from 1998 until 2000.

Peter Kong, Ph.D. — R&D

Prior to his retirement in May, 2013, Dr. Kong served as technical lead for the Plasma Processing Group at the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Lab (INL). His research activities included studying plasma technology for direct natural gas conversion to high value liquids, heavy oil upgrade, black liquor gasification and white liquor chemicals recovery; leading research in nanoparticle synthesis, development of advanced coating deposition methods and systems, electrochemical materials research for energy conversion and storage, cermet filters development for automotive exhaust pollutants destruction; and plasma arc melter research & development for nuclear and hazardous waste vitrification. In addition, Dr. Kong has researched Group IV elements enhanced Iron-Enriched Basalt glass-ceramic waste forms for nuclear waste immobilization; synthesizing complex chemical hydrides for hydrogen storage and most recently the development of innovative advanced hybrid plasma reactor systems for low cost industrial pilot scale nanomaterials production.

Mark Frankel, Ph.D. — Operations

Dr. Frankel has extensive management experience in entrepreneurial settings, including time as Executive VP of Franklin China, as a founder and managing partner of Healthcare Executive Partners, and as founder and CTO of QuiqMeds. At Franklin China, Dr. Frankel had complete responsibility for all product development, sales, and marketing operations for the company, elevating a small independent local company to a national firm with distribution in all 50 states and several foreign countries and leading the sale of the company in 2001. While at Healthcare Executive Partners, Dr. Frankel worked with major pharmaceutical and bioinformatics companies on projects including launch strategies, marketing programs, executive counseling, sales programs, product messaging, forecasting, business acceleration and turnarounds. At QuiqMeds, Dr. Frankel architected the system and process and is the sole author on the patents filed.

Bert Edwards, CPA, CGFM — Finance

Mr. Edwards is the former CFO of the US Department of State, an Assistant Secretary level position confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Mr. Edwards oversaw financial, accounting and budgeting operations relating to the Department of State’s then over $14 billion domestic and overseas operations for the Department of State’s then 260 embassies and consulates in 130 countries. During his tenure, Mr. Edwards achieved unqualified (“clean”) independent auditors’ reports for all three entities for the first time in Department of State history. He then joined the US Department of the Interior’s Office of the Secretary to develop and implement a plan to provide a historical accounting of Indian Trust Accounts. Prior to his government service, Mr. Edwards was an audit partner in the Arthur Andersen LLP Washington, DC, office for 24 years. He led Andersen’s Federal, state and local governmental accounting and auditing practice, managing 2,000 employees by 1994. In July 2010, Mr. Edwards received the Association of Government Accountants’ Outstanding Accomplishment of the Year Award.

Douglas Russell — Sales & Marketing

Mr. Russell founded, built, and sold Global Change Strategies International (GCSI), an energy and environment consulting company. In 2002, Mr. Russell successfully guided GCSI through an acquisition process by Natsource LLC, one of the world’s largest carbon asset management firms. As a Managing Director at Natsource, he provided risk assessment and carbon management advice to a number of large corporations in the Canadian energy sector. In his previous positions as Director of International Climate Change Negotiations, Director of Air Issues Branch, and Director General Air Pollution Prevention Directorate at Environment Canada, he has led Canadian negotiations to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and headed Environment Canada’s policy development for climate change and air issues such as acid rain, smog and stratospheric ozone depletion.

Joel Haspel — Corporate Services

Mr. Haspel leads the renewable energy development division at Cogent Analysis Group, as well as the company’s Cogent New Media division. Prior to his time at Cogent, Mr. Haspel spent more than a decade founding and leading marketing and strategic programs for three software companies, including the venture-backed security and remote access startup Plethora Technology. He has led successful company efforts in IP protection, raising capital, designing marketing programs, market research, customer support programs, and developing distribution partnerships.