With Whom Do We Work?

Idaho National Laboratory (INL)


The INL is home to the research program where the plasma technology at the core of Cogent’s waste-to-energy (WTE) systems was developed. Under the direction of Dr. Peter Kong, one of the world’s foremost plasma experts, more than $5,000,000 has been invested to date in developing more efficient, cost-effective modular plasma gasification systems.  Cogent Energy Systems holds the option on an exclusive worldwide license to use this next-generation plasma technology for waste-to-energy purposes.

Creare, Inc.


Cogent Energy Systems has teamed with Creare, Inc. to provide technical, engineering, and manufacturing services relating to the design and construction of our WTE systems .  Since 1961, Creare has provided engineering research, development, and consulting services to an international customer base. Creare has a reputation for creating innovative solutions to the most challenging of engineering problems. Creare’s projects include a portable plasma decontamination unit for the United States Air Force, and systems for the Mars Rover, Hubble Space Telescope, and C-17 aircraft.

Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.


GBB is an international solid waste management consulting firm that helps public- and private-sector organizations craft practical, customized and technically sound solutions for complex solid waste management challenges. GBB provides Cogent with guidance and advice regarding management of feedstock prior to introduction to the HelioStorm gasifier.