HelioStorm Logo Proof

The HelioStorm Gasifier™is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for small scale waste processing. It can convert 1-4 tons per day of a wide range of feedstocks. The clean, energy-rich product gas that can be used to make electricity, hydrogen, liquid fuels, or chemical precursors, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Most WTE installations require hundreds or even thousands of tons a day of waste to operate cost-effectively. By contrast, the modular HelioStorm-based system is compact, affordable, and designed to profitably process far smaller amounts of waste, while providing start-up and shut-down times in minutes rather than hours.

Cogent’s innovative Ionic Gasification technology allows the HelioStorm to complete the entire waste conversion and syngas conditioning process in a single processing vessel, bypassing the need for separate conversion and conditioning systems.

The unique configuration of the HelioStorm allows a compact processing unit to efficiently create electricity and fuels at levels equal to or better than large-scale systems.

Engineering and development of a commercially deployment of a commercial system is currently underway.