Scalable solutions processing as little as 1 ton of carbonaceous waste a day

If your site generates waste material that has the potential to produce energy-rich syngas, but not sufficient amounts to justify the expense of current large WTE installations, you can avoid the costs of storage, transportation and destruction of that waste while offsetting your internal electricity costs by installing a HelioStorm Gasifier. If you do not need electrical power at your site, you can convert your waste into liquid fuels that can be used to generate additional income.

Waste to syngas for electricity generation

Waste feedstocks including biomass, plastics, tires, and municipal solid waste (trash) can all be converted into electricity using the HelioStorm Gasifier and appropriate back-end power generation technology. Generating up to 1MWh of net exportable electricity per ton of waste, a HelioStorm-based WTE system can deliver power as a stand-alone electricity generation source, behind the meter in a net metering scenario, or integrated with other power sources in a microgrid environment.

Waste to syngas for liquid fuel production

With an appropriate back-end gas-to-liquid conversion unit identified and certified by Cogent Energy Systems, the syngas produced by the HelioStorm Gasifier can be used to generate liquid fuels including biocrude, biodiesel, jet fuel, and more. You can decide if you want to use that liquid fuel to power your own systems or to transport it via tanker truck or pipeline to a more distant market.