Do you need a compact, modular, or mobile waste processing solution?

Cogent produces the innovative, uniquely efficient and reliable HelioStorm™ Gasifier — enabling the delivery of a new generation of compact, modular waste-to-energy systems suitable for small-scale applications where users wish to safely convert up to 30 tons per day of waste material into desirable products such as power, fuel, or water while creating only small amounts of environmentally benign byproducts.

Do you require efficient conversion of waste into energy, at rates exceeding 1MWh of net exportable electricity per ton of feedstock?

For facilities that produce waste and consume electricity, the Cogent Energy Systems HelioStorm™ Gasifier forms the core of compact, cost effective waste-to-energy systems that eliminate waste and produce electricity from it, saving users money on their waste disposal and electricity bills.

Competitors can’t match the combination of compact size and high conversion efficiency of Cogent’s HelioStorm Gasifier

Other small scale waste-to-energy systems are inefficient in conversion of waste to electricity, while Cogent Energy Systems’ patented HelioStorm™ Gasifier uses next-generation ionic gasification technology to offer high conversion efficiencies while maintaining a very small footprint and operating in an environmentally conscious manner.

Who can benefit from waste-to-energy systems with HelioStorm technology?

Industrial parks, agricultural operations, military bases, college campuses, recreation and vacation complexes, and small towns all produce waste and consume electricity. HelioStorm-based modular, affordable waste-to-energy systems make it possible for users to cost-effectively convert their waste into valuable electricity, helping them save money, conserve or recover waste storage space such as landfills or settling ponds, and protect the environment.

Unlike traditional waste-to-energy solutions designed to process the waste stream of entire cities, solutions built around Cogent’s Heliostorm™ Gasifier do not require large volumes of waste to be cost effective, nor do they entail hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investment and hundreds of acres of infrastructure.

Cogent Energy Systems, Inc.

Cogent Energy Systems, Inc. was originally formed in 2010 as a division of Cogent Analysis Group, LLC, and was officially spun out and incorporated as an independent entity in 2012.


Cogent Invited to Present at Gasification Conference in October

Cogent Energy Systems is pleased to announce that it has been invited to present at the 2014 Gasification Technologies Conference, October 26-29 in Washington DC.

More information about the conference can be found at the Gasification Technologies Council website: http://www.gasification.org/page_1.asp?a=117&b=4

GBB Issues Report on Gasification of Non-Recycled Plastics

Fascinating, thorough report on the energy that could be recovered by converting non-recycled plastic waste into valuable products instead of sending it to the landfill, prepared by our friends at Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.: http://plastics.americanchemistry.com/Sustainability-Recycling/Energy-Recovery/Gasification-of-Non-Recycled-Plastics-from-Municipal-Solid-Waste-in-the-United-States.pdf

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